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Project Cereal

Project Cereal was organised in collaboration with Syndicate 5 Schoolhouse of Kandol Village, Cambodia. The project aimed to help Cambodian students with their education through the teaching of English, computing and themed lessons that focused on expanding the students’ worldview and character development.

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Project Gazaab Nainital

The third instalment of Project Gazaab Nainital has once again allowed SMU to leave footprints in Ramgarh, through a social entrepreneurship project. The project intends to educate and empower the community to develop commerce in the village, allowing for a more stable income and less dependency on agriculture.

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Project Pendeza

SMU Pendeza reached out to Our lady of Grace Children’s Home in Meru, Kenya for their fifth instalment. The team successfully implemented IT Literacy, Vocational Training and a host of secondary initiatives which allow for both exposure and the possibility of sustainability where they are successful.

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Project Roshni

Project Roshni had been set up with the mission to light up the lives of the students from the Little Star School in Varanasi, India. This project impacted 600 students, who are now studying in the new school building where the solar panel was built. Volunteer doctor and social worker can now make use of the new rooms to better provide medical and social support.

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Project Tacloban

Project Tacloban focused on imparting Design Thinking skills to students from Marasbaras High School (MHS) in Tacloban, Philippines. The tool empowered the students in identifying, scoping and addressing problems that they may find in the community or daily lives. A school improvement within MHS was successfully implemented through the efforts of the students.

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Project Vikasa

In collaboration with I-India, Project Vikasa aimed to empower women from six local slum districts in Jaipur, India by imparting a variety of entrepreneur skills such as accounting, website management and personal wealth management. The end goal is to enable the women to become more financially independent and ultimately, break out of the vicious poverty cycle.

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Last updated on 04 Aug 2016 .