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Shirin Fozdar Fellowship

The Shirin Fozdar Fellowship was jointly established by the Shirin Fozdar Programme (SFP) and Singapore Management University (SMU) to support meaningful research on women’s issues in areas such as “Women in business”, “Women in public policy”, “Women in science”, “Women in education”, and “Women in caregiving”. The goal is to generate research that will add knowledge and/or make a difference to women’s lives in relevance to the modern society.


2016 shirin fozdar fellows


Associate Dean (Research & Program Development)
Associate Professor of Sociology
School of Social Sciences
Singapore Management University

Puk Teerawichitchainan is Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean (Research and Program Development) at the School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University. She is also affiliated with the Changing Family in Asia Cluster, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. Her research tries to understand how recent societal and policy changes affect families and households, intergenerational relationships, health and wellbeing, and the life course of women and men in Southeast Asia. Her interests lie at the intersection of family demography, social gerontology, population health, and social stratification. She received a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Washington. She was a past fellowship recipient of Fulbright, the Social Science Research Council (USA), RAND, and the Population Council."

"Under the Shirin Fozdar felllowship, I plan to carry out sociological research to understand how family cares for older persons in the context of Southeast Asia and what challenges are facing family members, particularly women in the family. I’m particularly interested in conducting comparative analysis of the situation of family care for the elderly across Asian societies, as it can extend existing theoretical perspectives, inform policy formulation to improve the wellbeing of older persons, and allow for an assessment of effectiveness of current aging policies." 


Christine ho

Assistant Professor of Economics
School of Economics
Singapore Management University


Christine Ho joined Singapore Management University in 2010 after completing her Ph.D. at University College London. Her research interests lie at the intersection of public policy and family economics with a particular focus on household production. Recent research works tackle the implications of grandchild care on grandmothers’ economic behaviour, and the evaluation and optimal design of child care subsidy programs for single mothers and for the intergenerational family.

“It is a great honor to be a recipient of the 2016 Shirin Fozdar Fellowship. As my research is closely related to women’s issues, the fellowship provides a great opportunity to expand such research and to explore new collaboration avenues. I look forward to contributing to research that may help promote the advancement of women in society.”

Last updated on 19 Sep 2018 .