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Shirin Fozdar Community Service Projects Grant

Shirin Fozdar Community Service Projects (CSP) Grant is established to facilitate the advancement of the women community and aims to instil continued passion for the long-term development of the community. It will fund meaningful and sustainable local community service projects, with the desire to make a difference to women’s lives.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Projects must be endorsed by the Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) or eligible club-based activities must be endorsed by the Office of Student Life (OSL)/respective Schools.
  • Project Leaders to apply on behalf of team for projects that meet any of Shirin Fozdar Programme’s objectives below:
    1. To equip women and families in need with life skills and resources to nurture a resilient community
    2. To organize conferences, dialogues and research to enhance a gender perspective in national policies
    3. To partner with businesses, policy makers, private and non-profit organisations  to design collective programmes for change
    4. To develop and support  community capability resources to add value to women’s developmental growth
  • Priority will be given to projects of a sustainable nature and with a focus on female majority

Conditions of the Grant

  • The grant will be awarded at the project team level. It will be used to assist the students in meeting their project funds in delivering effective programmes to be developed in tandem with the beneficiary organisation/community
  • Upon completion of their projects, the recipient project team must submit a minimum 400-word report, incorporating updates on their proposed project deliverables, estimated social impact, beneficiary feedback, budget and photographs of their community outreach experiences.

Each grant is valued at maximum $5,000

  • No repayment is required
  • However, repayment is required in full or part if the project is not carried out

Apply to the Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR)
(application dates will be announced by C4SR in February and September)


Centre for Social Responsibility


Last updated on 23 Mar 2018 .